What does Erie think of Climate Change?

Yale Climate Opinion Maps show Erie’s climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and support for policy. 

Erie one of the top 10 fastest warming U.S. cities

Climate Central released a list of the 20 fastest warming American cities, and Erie, PA is number 8 with an average annual temperature increase of more than 4 degrees. 

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We’ve just announced our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. See how you can get involved in CRANE activities to build resilience in Erie!


COASTAL RESILIENCY FUNDING TO BENEFIT ERIE REGIONCommunity engagement workshops planned for 2020 (ERIE, PA) - Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes coastal communities will benefit from $38,000 in funding to address extreme weather and climate change. The effort, “The New...

Resilient Erie Stewardship Summit

Resilient Erie Stewardship Summit Date: November 15, 2017 Location: Tom Ridge Environmental Center, Erie PA Agenda and conference program I Story map I Call for presenters   On Wednesday, November 15th more than 60 people gathered together to highlight...
U.S. Climate Resilience Tool
Erie Climate Projections Learn how Erie County is projected to change over the next several decades with customizable graphs and maps. The information – derived from global climate models- can help individuals, businesses, and communities in Erie make informed decisions and build resilience to extreme events.

Chester City Stormwater Infrastructure Plan

Lead Organization: City of Chester, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, Delaware County Planning Department, and Pennsylvania Sea Grant.  The Chester City Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Plan provides a framework for actions to expand the use of...
Sea Grant Delaware

Coastal Delaware Resiliency

Lead Organization: Delaware Sea Grant A new report released by Delaware Sea Grant (DESG) outlines ways the tourism industry can prepare for flooding and other associated effects of climate change. The 29-page document, "Coastal Delaware Resiliency: Response,...
Pittsburgh 2030 District downtown Oakland

Pittsburgh 2030 Districts

Lead Organization: A collaboration of partners throughout Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh 2030 Districts   Many cities are beginning to look at their energy consumption as a whole by engaging with property managers, local business and political leaders and other...
Cornfield and barn house

Helping Michigan’s Farmers understand and adapt to climate change

Lead Organization: Michigan State University  Helping Michigan’s Farmers understand and adapt to climate change To help Michigan’s field crop farmers adapt to and mitigate changing climate conditions, researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) Extension and...
scoop the poop

Rein in the Runoff

Lead Organization: Michigan's Grand Valley State University  Rein in the Runoff Rein in the Runoff is a research project led by Michigan’s Grand Valley State University to identify the social, economic and environmental causes, consequences, and corrective actions...

Erie and Climate Infographics Library

infographic Climate Impacts to Agriculture

Climate Impacts to Agriculture

infographic Climate Impacts to Pennsylvania's Lack Erie Tourism

Climate Impacts to Tourism


Climate Impacts to Extreme Weather