Conducting a


Assessment for


CRANE will conduct in-person engagement sessions to bring together community leaders to answer a series of questions about how prepared various community sectors such as transportation systems, critical infrastructure, businesses, social facilities, and others are to severe weather hazards. 

A climate change vulnerability assessment focuses on species, habitats, or systems of interest, and helps identify the greatest risks to them from climate change impacts.

How It Works

The steps in the vulnerability assessment process


Fill out the Assessment

Community leaders answer the questions in the assessment.

Analyze results

Calculate a community score and determine the riskiest sectors.

Plan for action

Prioritize action strategies based on the results of the assessment.

 How can you help?

If you’re a community leader, help us complete the vulnerability assessment by contacting us to set up a meeting! 

All Erie community members can hep by taking the Erie Extreme Weather Survey below: 

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