How It Works

The steps in the vulnerability assessment process


Fill out the Assessment

Community leaders answer the questions in the assessment.

Analyze results

Calculate a community score and determine the riskiest sectors.

Plan for action

Prioritize action strategies based on the results of the assessment.

Summary of Results

CRANE met individually with seven Erie County shoreline municipalities to facilitate the completion of the CRI:

The City of Erie

Fairview Township

Girard Township

Harborcreek Township

Millcreek Township

North East Boro

Springfield Township 

Themes that arose from the meetings included a generally low resilience score for critical infrastructure during heavy rains and high winds (over 78% of municipalities shared these concerns), and critical facilities during blizzards (57% of municipalities shared this concern).

Another theme that arose during the CRI assessment was specific concern over Erie’s power grid and aging power infrastructure.

Transportation issues, including any impacts or disruption to roads, bridges, evacuation routes, and snowplows, as well as the physical capacity to move residents in times of emergencies were also top concerns.

These results and themes were used to help inform the scenario planning workshop discussed in Step 3.

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