Step 3: Investigate Options

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Scenario Planning Workshop 

To help foster thoughtful consideration and discussion about extreme weather needs and recommendations, PASG partnered with GLISA to hold a scenario planning workshop for municipal staff. The workshop was held on October 12, 2022, at the Millcreek Township Municipal Building in Erie, PA, and was attended by 14 borough and township supervisors, environmental health and planning, public safety officials, and other municipal leaders from 10 different Erie municipalities.

The goal of this workshop was to develop scenarios to help plan for a future with weather and climate conditions that will likely look different than what has been experienced in the past.

To read about this workshop and its results in more detail, download the Scenario planning workshop summary document (coming soon).


Extreme weather is becoming more frequent and more severe in Erie County. Municipalities are facing numerous challenges, including temperature extremes, heavy rain and flooding, and impacts surrounding heavy snow and blizzards. Solutions are needed to help build resilience in Erie.

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